Can You Sublimate on Nylon? Heat Press Time and Temp Chart

Sublimation Printing on Nylon Fabric Sublimation printing is the most popular technique for transferring digital designs onto different substrates like polyester, cotton, tumblers, and leather. But when it comes to nylon, most people wonder if you can sublimate it.  The simple answer is yes. You can sublimate on nylon, but proper knowledge is required for a … Read more

Can You Sublimate on Leather? If Yes, then How?

How to Do Sublimation on Leather and Faux Leather? Sublimation is becoming the most popular way to transfer digital designs on different substrates, such as polyester, cotton, and wooden substrates. Many people asked, “Can you sublimate on leather? The answer is yes; we can quickly sublimate the leather and faux leather sheets. But without accurate knowledge … Read more

How to Make Sublimation Brighter on Tumblers, Mugs, & Shirts

Are you struggling to get brighter colors on fabric, mugs, tumblers and shirts? Don’t worry; you are not alone in this job. Most people started the sublimation business because they knew it was the only way to easily get vibrant and cheerful colors on different materials. But due to a lack of knowledge about sublimation, they … Read more

How to Do Sublimation with a Cricut (Settings for Sublimation Paper)

Wondering how to do sublimation with a Cricut? Transferring the designs to the products you want to sublimate is straightforward. Most people think starting a sublimation business is difficult, like screen printing or DTG and requires expert knowledge. But this is different; you can do sublimation with Cricut very quickly, even if you need to gain … Read more